Guppies are the basic fish you start out with. They eat regular food and has 4 stages: baby, medium, large, and king. They will gradually grow, until overfed when large, they will eventually become a king. In adventure, the baby guppies don't drop anything, the medium guppies drop silver coins that are worth $15, the large guppies drop gold coins worth $35, and the king guppies drop diamonds worth $200. Like all other fish, they will die when starving too long. In Virtual Tank, baby guppies drop nothing, medium guppies drop silver shells worth 1 shell, large guppies drop gold shells worth 2 shells, and king guppies drop blue conches worth 5 shells. If you have a Virtual Tank guppy from a Breeder, it is a valuable guppy that drops different shells. A baby guppy drops gold shells, a medium guppy drops blue conches, a large guppy drops green shells worth 10 shells, a king guppy drops shell bags worth 20 shells. If you buy a regular guppy (costs 25 shells) and name it "santa", you will get a white and red-finned guppy that sings Christmas songs. The santa fish grows very fast and drops shell bags! Oh, and you can also get a Golden Guppy if you feed a large guppy a Star Potion in Tank 2.